There is a warning at European level of the literacy crisis affecting all European countries. Reading and writing is much more than mere technical competence. Literacy is also self-esteem and ability to function and flourish in society as individuals, active citizens.

It is necessary to start with children and educate young people to acquire skills that prepare them for the social change and to develop a taste for innovation. This requires more compelling and innovative material through digital resources to encourage reading and writing.

At StoryTellme we are motivated by the belief that fun environments increase the permeability of young people and that when challenged and undirected, we stimulate their motivation and develop their skills.

StoryTellme proposes to intervene in this context by providing two types of services, both aimed at adding value to the educational process:

  • • Personalized books and illustrated children’s narratives, with development of original concepts;

• Creative and digital educational resources to foster new educational experiences.