StoryTellme is committed to education and we are motivated by the belief that fun environments increase student permeability by opening them up to try new things and make new connections.

All creative youngsters are curious, resilient, collaborative and imaginative. By creating learning environments in which students are challenged rather than directed, we will stimulate motivation and develop their skills.

For the learning engagement with the creation of new educational experiences, StoryTellme develops original concepts, trough illustrated stories/comics or storytelling, multimedia production and technical development.

We transform our knowledge as a publisher of personalized books for children and we help to create new educational environments, more creative and innovative, by collaborating on various European projects under the Erasmus+ program.

StoryTellme has implemented over a dozen projects since 2016, nationally and internationally. We are experienced, effective, representative and capable of playing a valuable role as an actor in promoting people’s development through creative and innovative educational methods:

  • • Strong and broad potential for outreach – visual identity creation, educational videos, product design, digital product creation, websites, social pages and other tools.
  • • Ability to create new resources, strategies, new technologies for education and research, empirically connecting with the testing of new methodologies and the active involvement of target groups regarding creativity and innovation for learning.