What is the difference between the printed and the digital book?

Both editions have the same content, and all custom books ordered generate a digital book and a printed book.

The digital book is the book in digital format that can be read and distributed as often as you want on electronic equipment such as computers, tablets, or even mobile phones that support this feature and will be made available in PDF.

What presupposes ordering a custom book?

The completion of the custom fields and the correct customer data.

What's the deadline?

For the Digital Book, the delivery is automatic, the book is generated right after payment and customization.  For the printed book, post receipt of the order and its payment, up to 7 working days. For shorter deadlines you must count directly to StoryTellme.

Can I place multiple orders at the same time?

Yes, just add the different books to the shopping cart.

What payments are available?

You can pay by PayPal.

Payment of the Order (Mainland Portugal and Madeira and Azores Islands).

All orders for personalized books must be paid in advance by PayPal.

International orders

We accept international orders. The international customer should contact us to find out the exact value of the postage.

Error customizing a custom book

If there is an error on our part, we will replace the book for free.

In order to prevent incorrect information, check all data before submitting your order.

StoryTellme is not responsible for the incorrect information provided at the time of order.

Return Order

If an order is returned for the reasons: "NOT CLAIMED" or "INSUFFICIENT/INCORRECT ADDRESS", StoryTellme will try to inform the customer with the available data.

The reshipment of the order implies new postage to the Customer.