StoryTellMe's Ongoing Projects Empowering Communities and Driving Innovation in Europe


StoryTellMe, Its committed to fostering creativity and knowledge, and has been actively engaged in a range of inspiring projects across Europe. With a focus on empowering individuals, supporting small businesses, and promoting inclusive digital education, these initiatives aim to bring positive change to communities. Let's take a closer look at some of their ongoing endeavors:

TAMUS - Empowering European Families for Mental Health Support

In the TAMUS project, StoryTellMe aims to support European families in managing their mental health. By empowering parents and promoting positive mental well-being, the project strives to create resilient communities.


Matrix - Enhancing Employability Skills for Youth

Addressing the critical issue of youth unemployment, the Matrix project endeavors to develop better employability skills among young people in Europe. Through innovative approaches, it seeks to equip them with the tools needed to succeed in the job market.


Einstudio - Fostering European Industrial Design Culture

The Einstudio project aims to create a vibrant online virtual and blended industrial design studio culture. By considering and integrating various perspectives, it seeks to shape a thriving community of designers across Europe.


DigiENTAid - Supporting Small Businesses in the Digital Era

StoryTellMe's DigiENTAid project provides support to small businesses and self-employed individuals at risk of failing due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. By promoting digital transformation, the project aims to ensure their sustainability.


Family Footprints - Embracing a Digitally Inclusive Future

With the objective of guiding families through the "Dual Transition," the Family Footprints project aims to create a more digitally inclusive and environmentally friendly future for all. It strives to empower families with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital age.


XTEAM-FEM - Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

XTEAM-FEM advocates for the formation of an online epistemic community of female entrepreneurs. Through counseling, mentoring, and training, the project aims to empower and support women in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


MUST - Multimedia Training for University Staff

The MUST project focuses on developing tools to train university staff in effectively creating and utilizing multimedia technologies. By enhancing their skills, the project aims to improve the quality of multimedia-based education.

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